How to Combat Peer Pressure in School

Peer pressure has often led to serious offensive acts that have taken place in schools and colleges and in certain events have led to the youngster’s death. The usual cases reported on incidents that were a result of peer pressure includes that of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, getting caught in sex racket cases and recently the trends of the rave parties, which is taking the reputation of the present generation youngsters down the drains.

To be responsible for one’s own actions is a very responsible attitude that is present in very few people today. Unleashing one’s own freedom rights is good, but good to the extent where you are not violating others freedom. However, very few people do wish to take advice and hence are the ones who mostly get into bigger troubles in life. Before life gives you a bigger jolt, wake up and be responsible citizens.

Parents usually agonize over their teenager’s mood swings and often absurd behaviour at social gathering, but it is a time when their raging hormones and teenage brain is out of their control and that is the major reason why they behave cranky and irritated at every emotional outburst they witness especially from their family members.

The teens require a lot of guidance by their parents, doubled with patience and perseverance to understand their state of mind. Parents have to explain their teenage kids the advantages of good decision making in circumstances where they do not have any elder around them and have to bank upon their own understanding and make the wisest choices in life.

Teenage requirements are quite different from kids so parents have to keep in mind that during an argument, teenagers are known for crossing their limits, instead of just stating a “Yes” or “No”, parents should be more specific in laying out rules and defying these rules the consequences that follow. During an argument irrespective of who is winning, parents should practise self-awareness and be logical in their reasoning with kids to make their point clear enough before their obstinate teenage children.

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According to our education system in India and values taught at home, we are asked to accept all orders without any questioning, but in doing so it will only aggravate the problems of children succumbing to peer pressure and becoming a slave of all the bad things that are not only dangerous but also criminally offensive most of the times. Children rebel and find solace with the wrong company, because of being overruled by their parent’s decisions. At times parent’s, should make an attempt to understand their child and learn to bring the situation on steady grounds, so that there could not be any further conflict that would drive the child into being a part of the so called “Hep” group in the school.


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