Idea of Healthy Food

A study states, Research findings have proved that more than 90% of the diseases related to children are caused because of irregular eating patterns or because or because of eating junk food. These days there has been a noticeable trend of parents taking children into McDonalds, Dominos, KFC, Pizza Hut and other fast food chains because they are usually tired after coming back from work and do not wish to cook. So the easiest option they find is to go out and dine in restaurants.

Occasional eating out is not harmful to the gastronomically system of our body, but regular dinning’s will not only make our tummy upset, but also give rise to health problems such as obesity, acidity, gastritis, etc. the list is unending for the number of diseases associated with unhealthy food and despite the fact that we the so called modern era individuals are aware of these occurrences, still we prefer to overlook it for the meanwhile as it will give us a moments rest but deliver us with a lifetimes burden.

Nutritionists, these days are in a lot of demand, as families who are facing severe health issues are now seeking for expert advice on how to maintain a healthy and nutritional diet. So diet charts are being prepared, parents are being advised not to indulge their children into overeating, or even junk food eating. Items such as, chips, chocolates, maggi, Cheetos, burgers, fries, cokes and other cold drinks are being chucked out of their diet, as these items were occupying major chunks of their life. In fact, more of fruits, vegetable consumption, cereals, pulses, chapattis and other healthy food are being introduced before kids.

Schools are now beginning to look into the food eating habits of their students, by providing regular medical and health check-up camps, organising seminars on eating habits and nutrition and introducing subjects like nutrition and dietetics into their curriculum, the education sectors are trying to make the students aware of the junkie eating patterns that most people are entering into these days.

Not only that but also that eating unhealthy food is causing a lot of health related disorders in the cosmopolitan cities, where junk food culture is high and rising. Especially students who move out of their hometowns for further study have to face this problem, where due to lack of proper food available, they would succumb to junk food eating, which has the ability to not only destroy appetite but also cause many other problems.



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