Schools can be a Guide to Social Media for Children

It is extremely important to be aware of the pros and cons of anything before we plunge into the pool of its services. Same applies to Social media, however it has proved to be a beneficial source long distance communication bridge with our near and dear one’s who stay away from us, it has at the same time put our private lives and information content in danger by allowing other to view it publically.

As parents do you actually know what your child is doing online and what are the web contents that it is looking up on? Social media is a boon at the same time a bane to us and our lives. The more that we are becoming addicted to it, the more we are becoming unaware that in this social media world, there might be connections who could try to sabotage your image, by creating falsified photo-shopped image of yourself and circulate it web wide.

Teens these days, are mostly seen on the social networking websites and find it “cool” to write post or put pictures that might be offensive to someone else. In the world of coolness and trends that follows, we often forget what we think cool and trendy and modern might had negative implications later on. And the far sighted that teens are, they generally tend to take everything around them for granted.

Before we get into any social networking website, we should understand its privacy policies, because if there is no privacy management then one’s personal information could be gravely misused and tampered with, which can also have national or international concerns attached to it. Like Top ten Schools in India particularly, should introduce the children to different forms of social media and state examples of its pro’s and con’s, which will give a clearer picture to the child in terms of deciding in near future before entering a website which gives clear indication of danger.

Parents and schools should essentially make sure that the child is not getting into a trap that is put by some trickster or a hacker online. These days there are great number of complaints being registered about stolen identity online, social website accounts being hacked and misused for explicit purposes. Several other things, I am not against the use of social media, I’m just against the blind faith placed upon the privacy management applications ensured by these websites, which are actually of no use. As the number of complaints registered are still going high on the graphs.

As young and responsible adults, let us ensure that we do not fall prey to the traps laid and get into unnecessary issues concerning internet or cybercrimes, which is taking a deep root these days and resulting several national emergencies.


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