Stay Fit and Be Healthy

The health status of children relates to physical, emotional and spiritual factors that frequently determine their quality of life and relationship to the world as they grow up. Improving these areas is the responsibility of parents and others who guide children in their growth period and who encourage kids to in extracurricular activities to make sure they develop relationship with family and friends.

The quality amount of time they should keep for studies and play is getting reduced these days. We need to go into deep analysis of factors which pave the way for this situation and alsolor should come up with certain solution so that we can witness a healthy and fit tomorrow. The bangalore school also plays a major role here.

Eat healthy: Unhealthy eating habits are the major reason for most of the health related issues among the young generation. The sweetened and carbonated drinks, butter and cheese, chocolates in various forms, fried vegetables, chicken and meat, ice creams and all work in very harmful manner if they are consumed in a large or frequent amount.

But this does not mean to cut down all the food items children like. Parents should make sure that all their favorite foods are served to them but in a healthy ways. How can we do this? Instead of excess butter and cheese use olive oil in food and reduce the amount of chocolate and its related food like cakes, ice creams and baked ones to special occasions and parties and outings. Fried food can be changed to boil food which good taste and flavor.

Bring them out of Television: Children spend their whole time sitting in front of TV and the habit makes them mere couch potatoes. The physical activity they get while playing is going for a toss here.

Proper timetable should be kept for children so that this will turn to be a habit later on. There should be ample time for play, physical exercise, study and proper sleeping hours.

Be Active: being inactive is the main reason for children to be introvert and less confident. Each child will interested towards different activities like some will be interested in playing games, some will be interested in writing and some will be interested in arts and so on. So as parent if we encourage them more into it, children tend to be active all the time.

There are many schools especially international schools in India who concentrate on health and fitness of the kids. For example school like Oakridge international school in Bangalore focus mainly on the health, physical and mental fitness of the kids through various workshops and learning practices.

Many factors come into concern when it comes to the health and fitness of children. Make fruits and vegetables their snacks and physical exercise and games a daily activity. Create awareness in them that health is wealth.



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