Strengthening Parent Child Bond through School

Parenting as all of us know is quite a tough job and involves a lot of patience, allegiance, hard work and effort. A good relationship is highly recommendable for parents, with their kids as it allows them to build a strong foundation of love, affection and trust between the two. In order to achieve these goals, one needs to be approachable enough for their kids, to be able to communicate freely to their kids.

This will permit the child to have confidence in themselves to talk before their parents, without any sort of inhibitions. The research survey studies have revealed that children normally develop a great bonding with their mother, as she is known to be a warm, caring and protective person. Fathers are the ones whom kids always like to imitate, especially boys.  These days spending time with children is restricted to providing them with all the cool gadgets, toys and PlayStation’s that parents can provide them with.

Psychologists who counsel young children, for their rude and inappropriate behaviour in school have come across after interviewing these children that these children are mostly rich neglected kids. Such kids often demand for attention from everywhere, since they do not receive it at their home, therefore, the only option they find to gain attention from is by getting into verbal and physical fights with other students. Therefore, the education sectors in India are making this effort by asking schools to join Oakridge hire professional counsellors for a healthy daily report of the child.

Parenting in Bangalore are no doubt busy in order to earn a better standard of living for their family, and that is the reason they work so hard, but the point is if there child is only going wayward where would they use their money then. Money cannot buy the parent and child relationship, moreover, parents guidance and counselling with their children will help each other understand one another in a better way. Also parents should be merciless at the time of punishing their children, because if they let go today, then tomorrow their child might get into a bigger trouble that they will never be able to handle it for them.

It is often felt that proper action at proper time should be meted out towards these kids to prevent them from becoming brats as they grow up. But without the parents help, support, care and love for the child this task becomes close to impossible to be achieved. Parents should be counselled separately, to make them aware of the importance of having such a beautiful gift in their life, and by being pre-occupied with work only they are vehemently rejecting their precious gift. Thus, India is reporting a large number of broken family cases in the past few years, the statistics of which are on rise.


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