Advantages of an International School

Globalization is resulting in dilution of national and international boundaries of the world and is helping in uniting the world together. In the earlier days it was a great thing to move from country to another, people were in awe at the guts of those who did so, but currently moving along international boundaries is such a common thing. Before industrialization struck the economy of the world, Colonizer’s would allocate slaves from one colonized countries to other newly located regions for settlement purposes or in order to work for them in their plantations, etc. However, in the wake of industrial revolution, people have been migrating in search of jobs, better educational facilities, etc.

Early learning years are known to be constructive and inquisitive for the little one’s as they learn so many new things, similarly a child in India particularly be able to speak more than two languages, one would be its mother tongue and the other would be English and several other languages follow on. Thus, an International School fosters so many privileges for its student, starting from acquiring multilingual education, to learning multilingual culture and so many different things that are particular to International schools.

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Technologically Advanced Education – Schools follow a curriculum that is different compared to the normal syllabus followed here, in fact the international schools have a different board all together and believe in a holistic education system where every child is treated to be special and every child is assisted to cope up with any form of educational difficulties that persist.

Infrastructural Facilities – There are great wide opportunities for students to learn anything and everything, as the school is equipped with highly mechanized and advanced form of infrastructural facilities. Students can also learn different forms of art and self-protection techniques to keep oneself away from harm. The provisions and amenities that are provided in these schools is recommendable because, the administration tries to look into providing whatever is best for its student.

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Worldwide Exposure – The best part about being a part of an international school is there is immense exposure in terms of knowledge sharing, learning about different cultures, finding out different traditions, getting to learn several languages and acquire a sea of knowledge that is beneficial to the student for securing a good position for himself or herself later in their lives. Schools which have such a great potential to harness a good future for their students, are the one’s which standout amidst the crowd and are most resorted to.

Education system is flawed with several loop holes in it, the very important factor being that learning does not always allow practising of the theoretical knowledge, which then becomes useless because once student life is over, we tend to put studies behind us so far and indulge into regular 9-5 jobs that bring us good income and a great lifestyle. But if we wait and stop and think that is it helping us in any way, the fact that we spend so many years of our life studying, competing and getting good grades, but what use are those grades of if we cannot use that knowledge in our day to day lives, in our work. Education is the crux of human lives, we need to get educated to do better in our lives and schools are that tombs that we could run to for a safe and secure future.

Neeth Millers is a consultant for many schools and guides students and parents with their queries on education and schools. She has worked with several schools and thus, makes her argument based on her past experiences.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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