Fun and Schooling

Life revolves around the mundane chores and repetition of these chores makes us realise that there is a fun aspect in our lives, which is quite missing or probably forgotten. I remember my first day at school, bags packed, all dressed, my dad came to leave me and unlike other children who were wailing and howling when their parents left them at school, I was quite bemused wondering what is wrong with them! However, no sooner did the realisation sink into me that my parents were not around me and I was amidst unfamiliar faces in a different place and had no clue of what would be happening to me.

Crazy as it may sound, but every kid goes through a similar kind of feeling and it’s there low phase, but as soon as things become familiar at school, they find it hard to head back home afterwards. I guess that’s the reason someone said, “School is second home” or “School is a home away from home”, because everyone, your teacher, principal, the staff are so caring and gentle that children start loving this place where they not only get to learn alphabets, names of animals, things, etc. but they learn to play, they learn to share.

School holds a special place in each and every person’s life. Small children who go to kindergarten particularly find reasons for not attending school and feel homesick the moment they reach school. Thus, Montessori schools were started with a view of helping these children find a way to find reasons to keep them amused and attached to within the four walls of the school.


So, interactive ways of keeping the children engaged and also help them learn new and different things began with the arrival of Montessori schools in the town. Currently, with India suffering from population explosion, these schools, which are also referred to as play schools are gaining so much popularity that some have become brand names and have opened franchises worldwide or atleast nation-wide.

While there are some schools which have a Montessori school, a regular school and a boarding school running together at different locations within transnational borders. The Good CBSEschools in Bangalore are a source of knowledge to millions and millions of younger generation children who seek a future and wish to acquire knowledge through proper mode of schooling.

However, there are several others in our own country who are not as privileged as we are to go to a school, sit on a chair, carry a bag, wear proper uniforms, and learn affluent English and several other foreign languages. We belong to a country with in numerous disparities in culture, religion, education, rights, freedom, etc. We seek to belong to a society that is equal and just, a place with no prejudice but our very own system of learning is flawed with inequality, the underprivileged do not get an opportunity to even attend school, while some of us just crib for things we don’t have.

It is time we learn to inculcate a sense of thanksgiving, to thank for every little pleasure in our lives that maybe lacking in someone else’s and at the same time try to bring about a change. Small efforts can lead to big changes, only if we learn to involve those who do not have something, learn to share our things with them, I guess that is the true essence of education. We impart what we learn, we learn good values, and we will impart it and be the change our country wants us to be as young individuals.


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