Good Things come in Great Packages

We have often heard this proverb that “Good things come in small packages”, but have we ever heard that good things also come in great packages? I guess the best schools in town are the best example of this statement. A city so vibrant and fast paced as Bangalore, providing immense opportunities in terms of jobs, career and growth, is also home to some of the best schools and offers great exposure to students when it comes to the education front.

The city consists of more than 2,500 schools affiliated to I.C.S.E., C.B.S.E and State Boards, also schools offering I.G.C.S.E. So many different schools and each school cater to different sets of students. These schools cumulatively build up as the Best Schools in Bangalore. There are schools for the children with special needs, the educators of which are striving hard to educate and equip those children with the ability to be self-dependant in near future.


School is a place where clay like children are moulded into good human beings of tomorrow. It is a second home for students, because after home, one spends most of their time in the school, trying to learn different subjects, learn new games, new technologies, develop on inter-personal communication skills, learn to share, care and survive through thick and thin times of life.

There are primarily four basic levels of schooling in India, that is; the primary level, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary or the high school level. Under the Right to Education Act, Government of India has made a provision for the underprivileged children of unfortunate sections of our society. Every child starting from six years of age up till 14 years of age has a right to free education in India.

However glorious might our past be, our present is full of glitches and so is education in India. Amongst the literate population of our country, we still have a fairly greater population of illiteracy existing amongst us. Even with the governments repeated efforts of improving upon the education ratio, not much has been achieved.

There are several NGO’s which are also working towards restoring the quality of education and literacy, by reaching out to the slum children, rag pickers and beggars in railways stations. But somehow they fail to persuade the masses that education is vital tool for empowerment.

In the field of primary education in India, literacy rate has already expanded to two-thirds of the population. The improved education system of the country focuses on making education available to one and all. The establishment of University Grants Commission in 1953 has been a major step in developing the higher education system of the country.

Even while lurching under the pressure of massive illiteracy, India still has definitely surprised the world with its superior quality of education being imparted by some of the most esteemed universities.

The best days of one’s life is spent in the school, where one is free from all types of tension related to career, profession, etc. children laugh, play, crack jokes, study and appear for exams, score well, sometimes do not, but still they bounce back with good grades at the right time. A school is like a home away from home always.

Chanchal Srivastava is a school teacher and an active social blogger, she has taken voluntary retirement from teaching, but her passion for teaching is incomparable and her love towards her students is unconditional like a mother’s to their child. She insists on inculcating right values and thinking into the lives of children so that they may grow up to become good citizens of the country.


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