Right to Knowledge and Better Living

There are so many things that most of us tend to take for granted like food, clothing and access to good health, education, luxury, etc. But we do not realise that what we have in excess, there are people who are lacking even the basic necessities. In such circumstances, education is believed to be a forum which could empower the needy people of our country and provide them with decent working opportunities and help them earn and lead a better standard of living.

There are primarily four basic levels of schooling in India, that being at the primary level, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary or the high school level. Under the Right to Education Act, Government of India has made a provision in the education system for the underprivileged children of unfortunate sections of our society. Under this Act, those children can attend free education upto the age of 14 years. The government not only provides them with education but also books, bags and mid-day meals.

There is a Teach for India initiative which is employing lakhs and lakhs of associates who are fresh graduates from a fine institution to go and teach the under privileged kids in slum areas, who do not have the right exposure and right facilities. It is actually a very challenging task, but however you would actually find youngsters taking up this task of educating these young minds and use their knowledge and degrees to help and empower a very unnoticeable yet important section of our society.


Education is free from any prejudice, it has the power to transform and destroy societies, and people learn virtues of humanity in the midst of a well-educated environment. Education has and will always remain a vital key to success which if misused could prove to be disastrous and lethal. As individuals, we should strive to take small initiatives to help and improve the living conditions within our society. There are children in our neighbourhood, or further away, who are homeless, but are zealous to study, their thirst for knowledge is quite greater than us who have everything and yet we keep cribbing about the things that we do not possess. It is truly said by someone, ‘Man can never be satisfied’, because our needs and wants keep magnifying with the fulfilment of our previous wants or desires.

The right to education is a right of every individual, be it rich or poor, then why is it that we always differentiate amongst people, divide ourselves on the lines of casteism, religion, race, etc. Then what is the use of acquiring all those degrees, because in reality we never learnt to stay in peace with each other, which is the most important lesson of anyone’s life.

We have evolved a lot over the past sixty years, but in some ways we still haven’t evolved. We exist in a society that differentiates between dark skinned children to the fair one. A boy to a girl, there are innumerable below the table female foeticide taking place in our country that most of us are completely aware of and to make matters worse, it is not the illiterate people who are doing it, but the very learned men of due respect and honour who are indulging in such heinous crimes. Let us educate ourselves to be part of a better tomorrow and a better life.

Reema Sahay is a social worker and a regular blogger; she works with the society’s NGO’s in order to educate those who do not have the resources and the facility. Her passion for working for the betterment of the underprivileged has made her realise that education is essential a component for creating a brighter future for ourselves and our succeeding generations to come.Readmore.


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