Whizz Kids Fly High

Every family and every parent wants their children to be the best in academics and academics alone, for which they are ready to shell out enough money for every tuition, extra help, guidebooks, etc. their kid wants in order to make him or her a baby genius. Why is it that we always tend to run after good marks and great performance in every subject of our children in school? Isn’t school supposed to be a place of learning, not only about books or gaining bookish knowledge but also, different kinds of activities, the act of making friends, learning how to share with those friends and always be helpful to anyone who is in need of it.

However, in a generation, which is dominated by Whizz kids alone, who are not only smart but they are also very laborious. In a city as much crowded and populated as that like Bangalore, opens its arms to every person who visits its boundaries. It’s quite a welcoming city and is also home to innumerable schools that have been set up here, some are very old, date back to the era when they were established by the missionaries who came along with the colonizers, while some have a recent history and there are few which are fairly new in town.

Several International Schools in Bangalore are thriving because of what they have in store for parents and their children to offer. International schools by definition are referred to schools, which aim at promoting education of highly international standards. There are several ways in order to promote and establish international standards of education. Often there are times when the schools adopt the strategies of implementing international syllabus into their curriculum. Amongst these well versed syllabus structures, the one which are most commonly followed curriculum includes that of the Cambridge and of Baccalaureate. The other ways in which one could adopt an international standard of education would be to follow the syllabus that is different from the course of study pattern of the other national schools.

International schools have certain standards ascribed to their being accepted globally. There are certain criteria’s that are required to be followed specially by the school management. The most important factor that separates these international schools from other schools is that, students can be transferred from one international school to the other, be it inside the country or outside in any other country, which render the same syllabus and same pattern of education to the child. Another distinguishing feature of international schools is that they are usually able to attract more students to also enrol these students in comparison to other schools.

English language is used as the main medium of instruction and teaching in all the international schools. This is because English is considered to be an international language and is commonly used and understood by people in most countries, it is easy to communicate also in English with the foreigners. This is the main reason why the enrolment of the students is generally made on random basis.

Like students who come here are international in their origin similarly, the teachers who are selected to take classes are also of foreign origin, just to maintain the level of coherence in teaching and understanding the doubts of other students. Also, unlike other schools not every subject is made compulsory for every student, the choice of subject for each student is based on the usefulness and practicality of the subject in the particular student’s life. If the student is unable to understand the subject and is clueless about its whereabouts then it is removed from their curriculum to ease out the student’s life a little bit.

An international school has prerogatives which are also international in nature and has several other benefits that accompany them. Hence, parents of slightly affluent background wish to enrol children in such schools as it appears to be hassle free in nature.

Emily Bennet has been a consultant with several schools in Bangalore and helps parents and their children with any query they have about the best schools, the scope they offer on a broad platter of exciting spectrum of courses, languages and other co-curricular activity that they have to offer everyone.



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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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