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This is the final Oakridge Times of the academic year 2013-14. This month saw the end of the academic year with the grand Recognition Ceremony and the annual Spell Bee contest. We also very proudly launched the ‘Tale Spin’ books that showcased short stories written by all the students from Grade 1 to 5 — this was the culmination of the joint efforts of teachers, students and parents which resulted in a spectacular launch ceremony.

The month ended with the exciting IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools camp — Oakridge hosted this camp unlike any other and we’re all looking forward to seeing some of our own students shining on the football field in the coming academic year.I wish you all a lovely vacation and hope to see you very soon. The campus is not the same without students and their teachers around!!

Glimpses of the 6-Day IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools Camp at Oakridge Bengaluru Oakridge Bengaluru hosted an exciting IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools Camp from April 26 to May 1, 2014. The immensely successful soccer camp gave a unique opportunity to all the soccer-loving youngsters to “Play the Arsenal Way” by training with highly qualified and experienced coaches. All the participating children gained a rich learning experience with valuable insights and received memorable takeaways from the best-ever soccer event!!



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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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