Numbers have always been the trickiest of all the subjects one would have come across and there are still students in several Schools in India, who are afraid to open a textbook of maths and suffer from the fear of numbers, but there is always a solution to tackle every problem. Teachers who teach these subjects are always feared off by the students, as they seem to be very nasty, strict and always punishing people by sending them out on the corridors. Interactive learning is the new funda, which is trying to replace this age old fear in students, now algebra, geometry and statistics do not bring nightmares in the lives of students.


Just as Yoga is incomplete without the essence of concentration, similarly Maths is incomplete without the twisted problems of numbers. Technology has come up with several fun learning techniques of explaining the problem sums bit by bit, so that children would be able to figure out for themselves as to why a certain speed is required for the boat to travel from one end of a river to the other end, when there is no speed of wind.

Not every child is or can be an Aryabhata or Shakuntala Devi, so one should not expect each child to score 100 out of 100 in maths, but whether your child scores a 100 or not if your child has not understood the concept of the subject and is just mechanically doing these calculations based on formulas, etc. then such a knowledge is worth nothing. Special subjects require special care and attention by the teachers, if only maths could be made more fun by making kids play games or engage in activities which they can understand very fast and also it can help them to understand concepts then numbers would no longer pose a severe threat to children.good schools bangalore

One can engage the child in playing with magic squares, Sudoku, Monopoly, etc. we may consider these games to be a waste of time and energy for kids, but they actually help in building the child’s mathematical calculation abilities. Children have the ability to grasp apiece of visual information thrown at them at a faster rate as compared to what they read or hear. Colourful objects portrayed in Venn diagrams will help them understand better, what are null sets; or what is empty surface area of a container filled with water three-fourth of water in it, etc.

Chanchal Srivastava is a school teacher and an active social blogger, she has taken voluntary retirement from teaching, but her passion for teaching is incomparable and her love towards her students is unconditional like a mother’s to their child. She insists on inculcating right values and thinking into the lives of children so that they may grow up to become good citizens of the country. Read more



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