Burning the midnight lamp and months of hard work and perseverance brought along with itself good news and joy in homes of several young students who had appeared for their 10th and 12th Std. Board exams of various government and private schools. C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E and I.S.C board exams hold a lot of value in every student’s life, because these exams decide upon the next course of educational voyage that the child will have to tread upon.

There exists slight variation in the pattern of teaching amongst C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E schools, but this difference is not that great in significance because ultimately what matters the most is the marks secured thereafter and the college or university on gets admitted into afterwards, it is just that C.B.S.E pattern of education pays great attention towards designing a curriculum for their students that is followed by several engineering and medical exams which most students wish to attempt after their 12th Std. One cannot deny the fact that every school pays great deal of attention towards their students, by providing them with extra help through extra classes, notes and other helpful study materials that could be of use to the child.

Students are given keynotes of various subjects so that they could recall all that they have studied before the exam, special care is taken regarding their food habits, sleeping pattern and other health related concerns which play a vital role during exam time. Sometimes, when children are too much focused on their studies they might forget to eat and sleep, which can have serious health issues during exams in such situations parents should take extra care of their child, especially in matter concerning health.

It is very important that during exams children should not to stress over a particular thing too much if a student cannot recall it, instead they should move on to the next question which they are confident of answering, this will bring back their confidence and might help in recalling the one they had forgotten.

However, one thing that most parents and teachers and other faculty members of the school forget is that these students who are appearing for the exams are already under a lot pressure, as they are burdened by the great expectations of their parents, teachers, friends, relatives, etc. it does not imply one should not keep expectation from their kids, but one should be careful of expressing those expectations before the child, as it may lead to anxiety and can also result in nervous breakdown, and several other side-effects which tag along with exam. But then we all know that “All’s well that ends well” and so students despite all odds emerge victorious with flying colours of their board results.

Mallory Fletcher is a kindergarten school teacher and writes out her experiences faced during teaching children. She encourages teachers and parents to adopt measures of virtual interactivity with their kids for more participation and reduce attention deficit disorders.


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