This summer engage your kids in learning activities which are not so new, but are presented in a way that will engage children into doing something productive and obstructing them from doing anything destructive while staying at home. Most kids like to draw, make collage, build something out of scraps, learn to cook simple things, etc. These are the few activities listed below for children from 8-12 years of age:


Creating a Picture Collage depicting Family Tree – We all take pride in our lineage and our ancestral stories, even children are inquisitive to know more about what did their great grandparents or great-great- grandparents did, etc. So this summer bring out the little artist in your kids by providing them with recycled paper and other colouring materials and old family pictures and then let your child’s creativity come into play. I’m sure you would be amazed by their artistic minds at work.

Origami – Paper cut-outs and making different kinds of objects out of a single paper has always been a fascinating aspect. Origami is one such art, where one could make flower arrangements only out of paper. Get an origami kit at home for your kid, with demonstrations of how to create their own origami masterpieces, which could add to the beauty of your home.

Culinary Experts – With little master chef creating quite a thing in media, promoting the culinary expertise of little chefs in India, every child now would be aspiring to become a great chef. So let the gastronomic geniuses work their way from your stomach to your heart with their delicious cuisines. Cooking is also an art and if a child shows interest in this art form then it is advisable for parents to promote their child’s interest and also encourage them so that they are filled with confidence of being able to achieve their goals in life.

Wall painting – Children love to dirty the walls, but that which we might consider dirty is their expression of art. So this summer let your child redo their own room, since it is their own room they would be careful of not doing anything stupid as it will be seen by family and their friends, so you not only inculcate a sense of awareness but also a sense of responsibility by trusting him or her in bringing out something really good for themselves.

There are many more things you can engage your child in this summer, you just need to watch out how to make the dullest thing seem interesting enough for your baby, in this summer.

Chanchal Srivastava is a school teacher and an active social blogger, she has taken voluntary retirement from teaching, but her passion for teaching is incomparable and her love towards her students is unconditional like a mother’s to their child.Schools in bangalore



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