Hyderabad, the city of Cinema and Superstars and Techie’s is increasingly becoming a home to a lot of migrants who are moving across from different states and country, to come and live in this beautiful cosmopolitan city of India. Hyderabad possesses a rich and varied heritage and culture, which draws people towards it and immersed in this rich heritage, people often prefer to stay here, work here and evolve in this Hi-Tech City. Schools in Hyderabad are increasing in number, with the increase in population. Currently there are about 2,000 Government and Private Schools within the city and they offer seats for more than nine lakh students per year.

Importance of a good education system:

India’s Education system has evolved into zenith and will continue to do so in the future years as well. Education serves as the backbone of Indian economy to be precise, as the entire functioning of the country revolves around the able learning, understanding and decision-making abilities of the future generation. With the increasing demand for International schools in town, Hyderabad is home to five top rated International Schools, which are increasingly in paparazzi of the City news because of the stark differences it possesses when compared to any other private schools in town or elsewhere.

Apart from organizing extra-curricular activities, camps, excursions, etc. what is that extra oomph factor that drives people to choose International schools over the other schools in town? Every parents desires their child to be born geniuses, however, technologies have not yet advanced so much as to produce born geniuses, but they sure have improved the system of learning that will help the child to evolve from rote learning to ways of analytical thinking and questioning.

Technically speaking India offers highly advanced standards of facilities to learn and experiment so as to develop the creative side of one’s personality. Indian education system emphasizes on creating personalities rather than creating human machines. Indian system of education is greatly enriched with value education in every facet of life for joyful learning. This is the prime motive behind creating global leaders who possess marvellous potential to bring about a positive change. India is in a state of flux and has been undergoing a lot of developmental changes in itself to emerge as a global hub for business process outsourcing. To meet this demand of technical expertise of human work-force, the educational systems in India are continuously devising strategies in order to provide the best quality education to its students.

These International Schools in Hyderabad, organize field trips related to studies, which will help the child to look at a particular place and then understand more about it through the book readings only after forming an idea about it. It helps a child particularly studying in school to think apart from what is written down in a text book. Children are encouraged to use technology to bring out their imaginations and creativity into life. It is important to understand that education is meant for our own empowerment, but we follow a system of learning where we become slaves to textbooks and notes. Our own thinking is perishing day after day and we are giving ourselves and our children into the clutches of this kind of learning and teaching. It’s time we took measures to change the situation and bring about some sort of a reformation in learning that will benefit the preceding generations to come forth.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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