India is home to so many natural healing aspects of life, but very few people look up to these aspects and rather opt for the scientifically proven techniques, but what they forget that nature is a vital part of science and so is yoga an integral part of this science too. Earlier, saints used to separate themselves from the world and embrace yoga and meditation that will help them to attain moksha. Yoga however, is a very useful practice that is still being followed by people not only in India but in other countries as well.

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Yoga is considered to have the power to heal sicknesses and diseases; it is also used as a form of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Television and online games have disrupted physical fitness of school going children and this has resulted in a lot health related issues like, childhood obesity, muscle stiffness, body aches, proper functioning of organs and many people also do yoga for reducing their weight.

For children also it is extremely essential as it will enhance their physical fitness and keep they fit. It is equally important to incorporate a physical training programme in the curriculum for school children, because in the present times school kids try to avoid these physical fitness sessions and instead prefer to remain couch potatoes sitting in their classrooms or in front of their television sets, computer, laptop, etc.

World is becoming more and more techno savvy but in this race of leading a techno savvy life, we are neglecting a major aspect of our life, our health, we are giving in to the fast food and ready to eat food culture which is very unhealthy and is not only causing us weight gain, but is resulting in other health related issues like blood pressure, cholesterol, and many other things.

Children learn to do what they see their parents and elders do in front of them, as parents one should be careful of maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits so that your children also do not get caught in this vicious circle of following an unhealthy lifestyle. Importance of subjects like yoga is also very much important in our lives, we can learn various attributes like, self-control, flexibility of our bodies, maintain a continuous flow of pure blood supply running from our veins, etc.

Our health is our primary concern and yoga is helpful for each one us, especially children, it would be great if the Education sector in India could bring about changes in its education policy and try to bring in subjects that could be beneficial for students on an overall level.


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