Holidays are about to get over and schools will reopen with new faces, walking down the hallowed portals of the schools, making their way into the new classes, meeting with new friends, new teachers, reading new books, writing in new textbooks, etc. New academic year brings a wave of freshness in the life of students, as they are full of anticipation of how will their new friends be, what kind of subjects will they be taught, will their teachers be strict, how many games period will they have in a week, what kind of games and activities will they have, so on and so forth.

Every year, schools try to bring about a change in the teaching and learning process in their curriculum, which will ignite the inquisitive minds and also help them to explore the world of knowledge and learning to their benefit. The education sector in India has innumerable courses and subjects to offer wherein no student would face an inferiority complex, when compared to any other student. Nevertheless our system of education cannot be referred to as being flawless, as it does have many things embedded in the system that require a speedy change.CBSE schools in Bangalore


Schools these days are trying to inculcate a technology friendly education system, which can help children to interact more freely with their subjects and also create a better mode of understanding, which can eliminate or overcome the rote learning and other difficulties faced by students while learning.

Apart from textual reading, analytical thinking and reasoning is also equally important for children, an example of which would be that there is an amazing technique that changes the skills and attitudes of learning math by the students. It teaches students to understand math in a whole new way. Like images of trigonometry, or algebra self-explaining the reason why a particular problem sum has to be solved in the manner that is prescribed in the textbook. Mathematics could also be made a fun activity, if a student is explained a particular problem sum by using real life example or objects, which are bound to create a greater impact on the minds of children, as opposed to merely reading it from a textbook.

Techniques are merely simple ways of learning quick tricks in maths as it will be helpful in solving bigger problems within small duration. And not only maths, but it encompasses all those subjects which are there in the curriculum of the school.


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