Performing arts are slowly and steadily gaining prominence in the field of education in India, earlier students who were ardent of pursuing visual arts, fine arts or performing arts had to seek for places, which had schools, colleges and universities that promoted this subject of arts. There are so many schools in town which have opened up in several cities within India, which not only promote but they vividly work towards providing greater exposure to students who are very much interested in this field.

Earlier down the lane, parents were very stringent about pursuing a very mechanical form of education system, studying science in school and later on pursuing either engineering or medical and there ends the ambition of the child. But now, children are more open to a wide array of options that they can choose for their further education. Parents are also allowing their children to take up whatever they wish to study the practise of forceful pursuing of studies is being discouraged these days, as it has resulted in several kinds of news stories in the past years.


It is the duty of parents to discover and encourage the subjects which are most liked by their children, it can be motivating for the child also, if there is encouragement from the parent towards its studies and they are liable to score great marks. Well art is not only a subject, but it also possesses healing powers within itself, so now schools and parents have all the more reason to push the child into taking up such subjects which are beneficial for its complete growth and development.

These art therapies help to establish a peaceful community around itself and the art of learning art forms is a great challenge in itself, because it requires a lot of perseverance, dedication and hard work, without which every learning is incomplete. Well, if elders think science is difficult then they should try their hand at performing a simple dance mudra and perform it with perfection and then one can talk about easy subjects and difficult subjects.

Ordinary painting can be done by anyone, but to angle the strokes of the paint brush such that an artist’s fine work is marvelled by others is no joke. We always hear that acting is no big deal, but do we realise what kind of tasks they are made to do like vocal exercises, face exercises, etc. Hmmmphhhh! It is not as easy as one may think it to be. So let a junior Pablo Picasso, or William Shakespeare, and other great artist like personalities grow in each and every child, you may never know if your child will make you proud of what they achieve in this field.Good Schools in Bangalore


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