The education sector in India is being blamed time and again for its tough syllabus, strict corrections and ever increasing number of books in the school bags as prescribed by the schools and to save oneself from the burden of these books and exams, sometimes children do resort to ways that are wrong and unethical like cheating, which is a very serious offence and children are often told by their parents to never resort to this form of shortcut in education.

But there are some children who are mastering the art of cheating, well we cannot definitely put the entire blame of this form of shortcut on the education system, and plead the case of the cheaters innocent. Children who resort to such techniques are very much at fault, because it is better to get fewer marks and listen to the chidings of your parents than make chits and smuggle them into the exam hall in order to get more marks.

Small habits of copying from others notebooks during tests, or writing on hand during exams so that one could get a glimpse of points to be able to write it out in exams, etc. is what may lead children into taking up cheating in exams as an ultimate resort for lifetime. Currently technology has also helped such students into carrying micro Xeroxed chits into exam halls, which are so tiny that it cannot be visible and can be hidden anywhere.

Sometimes movies also become a source of learning bad things in our lives, for example Munna Bhai MBBS, where a goon passed his medical entrance exam through cheating. Children take in a lot from visual media and may resort to applying such things in their own lives, without considering the aftereffects that will follow on the due course of their ill action.


Hard-work is a virtue that kids should be taught about right from the beginning, without any effort results could not be expected. So are exams, if the other children in a class can study the same syllabus and appear for exams and get good marks, then why can’t the other kid put in that effort in his or her study. Shortcuts might be the easier ways to achieve the most difficult things in one’s life but it is definitely not the most fruitful one, because today we might pass an exam but tomorrow we will fail in the biggest exam, i.e. our life. Early correction can save children from taking the wrong path in their lives and it is the utmost duty of parents, teachers, friends and other people around the child to correct the child before copying or cheating. Good cbse schools in Bangalore


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