Most of us would have definitely heard or seen this quotes, iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPaid, well definitely these gadgets are pretty expensive of the other common telephonic devices and gadgets we use in our day to day lives to stay connected with the world and increase our knowledge of the many innovations of technology that we are surrounded by. But little do we realise that these are made for us and we are supposed to use it for our benefit in order to put it into best use.

Similarly, most of us also believe that children and gadgets should be miles apart each other. Well, if we look at the destructive part yes they should, but then technology is also beneficial in bringing about a sense of awareness and want within children to understand what they are studying in different ways. For example: iPad mini is mostly seen as an adults working space, which an adult can use to read, to browse web and other social networking sits, to chat online with friends, family members and to use it for work purposes like drafting mails, preparing presentations, connecting with clients and other office colleagues for a daily report analysis, etc.


Nevertheless we adults often forget the educational aspect that has been endowed to us and the children through these technologies. The good news is that iPad could be used to teach children with different types of learning disabilities. It’s touchscreen facility allows children who have difficulty in co-ordination to access various programmes that could be played for them on these devices.

Most children love to listen to stories and iPad could be used by the teachers of these special schools to narrate stories, read out books to children, etc. So one can tackle two different problems with one technology, firstly, you are able to engage your child into listening to stories and you also promote good reading habits in the child, which is very beneficial for the later stage in a child’s life.

You can also download nursery rhymes for your child from the iTunes section and your child will transport him or herself into the magical world of magical friends in their rhymes. There are hundreds and hundreds of apps which can be used to sharpen the knowledge of your child in improving their math skills, general knowledge, civic skills, etc. A-Z knowledge of many things that is beneficial for the learning and growth of your child’s mind. So, help your child to know more and express itself more through these apps and technologies.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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