Does the alarming rate of global warming bother us? Are we trying to protect Mother Nature from the fury of this global warming? If yes, then how? Environmental education was made a compulsory subject in the curriculum because of the increasing concern towards the practicality of this subject matter. Schools in India are trying to bring out field works for children, so that they understand the importance of this subject and they try to amend the harm that has already been done to our Earth.


According to the historian Thomas Berry, “Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives.” Nature has been one of the most precious gift of God to mankind, its beauty and serenity inspires every person to become a self-proclaimed poet or poetess. Such is the magic of nature, for kids especially who are just exploring the “Big Bad World” nature has a soothing effect and makes them realise that not everything is bad, God is balancing bad with good.

Protection of this nature’s gift is a big responsibility on every human’s shoulder; even the tiny shoulders are now making efforts to protect Mother Nature from the cruelties of her inhabitants. Every year Earth day is celebrated on the 22nd of April, to make an attempt to beautify the earth and try to make it a better place to live in.

Every school is taking an effort to inculcate in its students Eco-friendly etiquette’ because initiatives taken at the base level will sow efforts at the top level. Environmental lessons are being incorporated into the study curriculum to make the child aware of the several biodiversity related harm that is occurring because of the developmental changes that are happening in the name of revolution.

Kids are being encouraged to plant trees in their suburbs and houses and schools, to reduce pollution, use of plastic bags are being forbidden to be used, deforestation of nearby parks and ecology terrain is being discouraged by student protests, construction of huge dams and watershed projects which are posing serious threat to life and property of the indigenous people and their co-habitants are issues that are being voiced for. Rallies and protest marches are being held by young students to raise matters of grave concern related to nature.

Kids are considered to be the future of tomorrows World; by educating them about these things we should try to make an attempt at saving whatever resources that is left with us. Development and progress are essential aspects of every society, but in lieu of receiving momentary benefits for oneself today, we cannot blatantly ignore the great injustice we are doing to the giver of life and also by putting our successive generations into the pit of deforestation and unforeseen natural calamities that would be taking place with the recent developmental activities that are on the rise to destroy the natural habitat around us.


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