Regular exercise is a healthy way to leading a perfect life, what could be better than making your child introduce to sports and take a look at all the different types of sports that people play and also develop interest in the ones he or she likes the most. Sports is a great way to keep one’s body in shape, not only this it is equipped with several other assets to its being, like improves team spirit within individuals, helps to think calmly in matters of stress, the fight or flight situation in sports allows the adrenalin in the body to rush to the brain so that the brain can act quickly, this usually happens when a sprinter is about to finish the race and is almost nearing the finishing line.

Schools have incorporated sports as part of their co-curricular activities, which is becoming very essential aspect with the growing health concerns of our day to day life. Children indeed are turning into couch potatoes, thanks to the gift of technology that is crippling the lives of every person so much that one day, we would definitely not move from our place, as all the manual works would be completed by robots, who would be replacing humans in every aspect of life. Science and technology are good, but only to the extent where they do not try to probe into the lives of people so much that it will start affecting their lives thereafter.

Hence, every school has incorporated a coach or a physical trainer for each of the sports that is offered in schools, these trainers are embedded with a great responsibility of keeping the students fit, so that their immunity level is strong enough to fight all the virus and germ attacks every day. Losing those extra pounds in the body, will be beneficial to one’s self later on as we will be protected from the attack of the countless new diseases visiting every human now and then.

Nevertheless, schools are also approaching towards the health needs of their student’s by setting up health check-up camps once in every year, where the student’s general health condition is observed by a general physician and then based on the problems, they are consulted in the guidance of their parents. It is necessary to conduct these camps, because it shows how schools in India particularly are concerned about the children who study in their school and wish to take good care of them not only in terms of education but also in terms of their health.



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