Future is a term often substituted with children, as they are seen as the future of any country; why? Because it is the younger generation which will frame rules, policies and other administration policies that are required to govern a nation. It is for this reason that leadership conferences are a great place for teens to interact with other teens thus allowing them to develop their social skills. It’s important for parents to engage their students in activities that help build up their self-esteem.

Imagine a room full of hundreds of people you don’t know but all have the same goal, to be successful. It’s not intimidating to be around like-minded people. This is why country clubs and non-profits thrive the way they do, because people who attend have the same goals in mind.2It’s important to put teens in situations where they are forced out of their comfort zone. It’s easy to let students stay in their room and watch television all day or be on the internet. There’s a place for that but there is also a place to develop social skills. That place is leadership conferences.

Schools in India are resorting to an overall development of the child by holding such frequent seminars in schools and other educational institutions so as to enable the child with the self confidence that is necessary for her or him to face the real life challenges of the world. It is extremely an essential characteristic of human nature, to be shy before a large audience.

There are times when even elder’s back off from taking up a responsibility, simply because they do not wish to be blamed for the misfiring of any decision made by them during the tenure of taking up the extra responsibility. Leadership, on the contrary is an asset that is extremely important for every person be it small or big.

Sometimes these qualities are innate and have to be polished in order to shine, but at times we encounter some people who are really low on self-esteem, they wish to stay in a comfort zone of their own and not try out something challenging in life. Such people often take defeat in the most negative sense possible or they become obsessed about certain things in their life.

A Leader is one who has the ability to lead the masses, and takes responsibilities of people under them. But there are few children who are very shy and introvert and like to remain secluded, such kids hesitate to take up responsibilities unless they are asked to by some authoritative figure.


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