When a natural or man-made disaster strikes us, there is nothing that anyone can do because it is the wrath of nature that falls on the disobedient people on this earth who only wish to take the privileges provided but do not wish to cover up for the depletion that we have done to these resources. Now Natural calamity is bound to happen and when it happens we cannot stop it, but what we can do is try to take steps to be safe from the destruction.

Every School in India, rather every country must incorporate a natural or man-made disaster drill especially designed for the kids. These drills should be conducted on a regular basis by supervisors and disaster management individuals, who can assist children to evacuate and get them into a secured place whenever they are struck by any form of disaster.

666666Especially places which are prone to disasters and have recorded several casualties in the past because of lack of awareness. It is in these places that children and adults all should be given training as to how to deal with such situations when something like this strikes havoc in their place. Also schools should look into the mental counselling of their students, because not every child is strong hearted and brave in nature.

So counsellors should have face to face talk with little children and encounter with their fears. Because it is necessary to nib the bud before it grows big. And to battle our fears is an important thing while learning disaster management. In disaster management, children should be taught to not only save themselves but also any other weaker person whom they see nearby themselves to bring to a place which is safe and could become their fort until the disaster is over.

In events like when fire breaks out, it is necessary that if it is a small fire, children should know how to operate a fire extinguisher and stop the fire. If it is a big one, then the fire station’s number should be known and immediately called for on the spot.

And lastly, there are advanced systems that are invented to help and alarm people about the various disasters that breakout or are about to strike. Government should equip schools, offices and other public places with such advanced systems that would help people into evacuating and getting oneself secured by reaching a shelter place designed by the disaster management officials, during such crucial hours.


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