English language is being promoted in every school in India, because it is becoming a professional language as it has taken prominence over various sectors of livelihood in our country. Even though it is a foreign language, but still it is being taught and learnt by everyone, irrespective of whether they are young or old. Schools are the most important centres of learning, as this is the place where every child learns about so many things, like sharing, caring, team work, participation, overcoming fear of audience, etc.

Similarly, we have so many International Schools in India, which are following the Cambridge and of Baccalaureate standards of education, pattern of learning, teaching, evaluation, etc. They are not different from the other schools in the country, except in one particular way, which in fact gains prominence and helps them to outshine the other school in India. They follow what is known as the “NCLB” the term is coined in US, which means, “No Child Left Behind” rule which is self-explanatory and a reason for satisfaction for many parents who feel that their child needs special care and attention in education by the teachers. Thus, the faculty of international schools are quite particular about the lives of every pupil studying in the school, regarding the child’s progress, etc. there are continuous meetings held with every parent to discuss important academic and behavioural development matters that are recorded by teachers in the class and elsewhere in the school.

img_06Curriculum of international schools is quite different as compared to other schools; their students are usually graded on the basis of their performance in continuous assessments carried out on a regular basis. This helps to boost up the morale of children; they are not only graded upon their bookish knowledge of the syllabus, but also on the basis of co-curricular activities that they involve themselves in, during the school hours.

Schools allow the students to come up with their innovative ideas, instead of trying to clip their wings of imagination. Another fascinating aspect of being in an international school is that it there exists a multitude of cultural essence, which allows the kid to not only learn about different language, culture, religion and race but also teaches the child to respect it and stay in harmony with one another.

International schools are a complete package of education and enhancement in one’s own personality, ability, and various other attributes that mist children often hesitate to showcase before an audience, for various reasons but a school which can enhance and promote the in-built talents of these individuals is one which succeeds in creating a better younger generation for the development of a better India.


About oakridgeint

Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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