Team spirit, team rapport, etc. are such common terms most schools use infront of their students before any in-house competitions or inter-school competitions, but team spirit and team rapport does not spring up within a child just as a genie pops out of it’s lamp, it takes years and years of real life situations, or engagements with other children in group projects of outings that help kids to understand the importance of these words.

Students will do or learn things from what they see or are told to do by their elders. Class outings are indeed the most awaited events of their lives, which most children look up to. Because it involves adventures, hanging out with friends in a place away from school, learning so many new things, helping fellow companions to emerge out victorious as team in various events.

1551581_477631575675719_920087088_nAccording to a research conducted in Indian Schools it has been proved that 70% of the children population in India is highly interested in some or the other adventure sports activity and they are also seen to excel quite well in it. Value of outdoor adventures or sports, however little or large it may seem, cannot be underestimated. And it is not just about thrills and spills or building up a bank of rose tinted memories of one’s childhood days but it’s larger than that. Irrespective of whether it is pertaining to building a tree house, or simply sitting out to watch the stars, or probably camping in the backyard of one’s own house, or even exploring the local environment on foot or on bicycle; active adventures bring real health and developmental benefits.

When children are helped and allowed to experience risk in a controlled environment it helps develop their ability to deal with it and builds self-confidence. According to psychologists, outdoor sports helps the child by making them more lively and outgoing, this boost up their morale and dependency of taking decisions by themselves, which is helpful for the children to deal with the big bad world.

Talk about the activities your kids want to do, think about what could go wrong, talk about how best to handle that situation and if you don’t know what to do, look it up together or get some advice from someone with experience and learn together. It is great way to coach your kids and build your and their confidence that they know what to do.Igcse Schools in Bangalore


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