We all complain about the system of education going down the drains in our country but are we partaking or even supporting those who choose to make some change in this system, then what is the point of cribbing and grumbling. Once known to be one of the greatest centres of knowledge, the degree of education is however taking a course of route in the opposite direction.

The education system in India is now being taken over by the pioneers of international curriculum who promise to take the standards even higher than it was. Not to forget, that over the past few years India has experienced a sudden spurt in the education sector, in terms of good quality students, but somehow the trend has changed again and the graph is going down now.

Spellbees-14Curriculum of international schools is quite different as compared to other schools; their students are usually graded on the basis of their performance in continuous assessments carried out on a regular basis. This helps to boost up the morale of children; they are not only graded upon their bookish knowledge of the syllabus, but also on the basis of co-curricular activities that they involve themselves in, during the school hours.

Schools allow the students to come up with their innovative ideas, instead of trying to clip their wings of imagination. Another fascinating aspect of being in an international school is that it there exists a multitude of cultural essence, which allows the kid to not only learn about different language, culture, religion and race but also teaches the child to respect it and stay in harmony with one another.

It is a cumulative responsibility of each and every one of us, right from the people who impart knowledge to the ones who take it, education is a very precious gift, as it helps us to grow into young and beautiful adults, who are empowered by the knowledge of taking the worldly challenges that surely come our way. Schools are those hallowed portals where we enter each day to learn new things about life and several other things that govern our lives.

There are surely several faults in our education system and it may not be perfect in every sense, but for that matter no one else is either. There is always a black spot on everything, but it only depends on us how we take that spot, as a positive force to help us overcome and make everything better or to leave everything the way it’s going and let it rot till it’s gone. Let’s take an initiative and make change.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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