Protection from unsocial elements is becoming a major cause of concern for every parent these days. The sudden rise in crime rate is raising several questions on the security and dependability of school authorities in terms of the protection of a school going child within the school premises.

As much as it is the schools responsibility to provide a secure and safe campus to the child, similarly it is also a prime responsibility of the parent to enlighten the child about certain important facts regarding themselves and their bodies. India is a country, where any topic of sex education is always considered to be a taboo; kids should not watch or hear anything that proclaims anything related to the word “sex”. But by preventing the child from knowing about several important aspects regarding sex education, parents often push their own children into cases of child molestation, child rape cases, etc.

Children should be taught differentiate between bad touch and good touch, who is the people in their lives who can touch them, while the touch of other people other than parents, especially the child’s mother should always be avoided. In case of any uneasy feeling towards any individual, the children should always feel free to approach their parents for counselling or guidance.

Parents should try to maintain a friendly yet disciplined relationship with their children where children would feel free to approach their parents for any problem, in the meantime they should realise that their parents are people who will not tolerate any nonsense either from their kids or anyone else. Once an open forum is provided to the child, the child will feel free to approach the parents in case of any mishap. Presently, the reason why our country is witnessing so many teen crimes is that, they possess a negative fear of their parents as a result of which, their rebellious nature provokes them to indulge in activities that spoil their future.

Instead of scolding the child, parents should try to reason out with their child, explain them the scenario in a practical way, most kids are able to remove their preconceived misconceptions and try to evade the tricky situations in life, while the other set of children are rebellious enough to engage in the activity and learn it the hard way. Parents are very protective about each and every kid of theirs and in order to avoid nasty situations of life, they often become strict and harsh, but all parents want to see their children safe from all anti-social elements.


Clementia Rodrigues, is a blogger and a social worker, she works at the rehab facility for those in trauma caused by mental or physical injuries, especially young kids who have faced molestation, etc. She is appealing to the parents to be strong enough to stand up for their child by giving them proper sex education for their child’s safety.Good CBSE Schools in Bangalorea


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