In the stride, of self-proclaimed celibacy for the schools in town, the question of how to come across as being the best still keeps pondering around every school management. These day’s schools have started with social skills training for its students, which includes anger management, efficient listening skills, importance of leisure activities, self-grooming, recognize emotions, story-telling skills, etc.

Kids belonging to the age group of 11 to 14 years, who are undergoing a phase of hormonal changes, are usually the ones who tend to enclose themselves in a shell of shyness and insecurity of being inferior to other students around them. To inculcate a sense of belonging, love, acceptance and loving oneself in return are some of the most important factors that are focused upon while teaching social skills to this age group.

Children Activities

Under the criteria of leisure activities, the children are told of the importance of such activities and how it would be helpful for improving the concentration level in kids and also relinquishes the brain from the exhaustive work. The main aim of this activity is to give ample rest to the brain from its daily routine activity at school, which is impossible to achieve through the normal lecturing about this phenomenon. As students are used to listening to speeches from their teachers, so in order to stimulate the brain’s vital point’s activity related sessions should be organized so that the children feel elated to enjoy the classes and also wholeheartedly be able to participate in various activities as well as take home some values that they have learnt in these classes.

Anger, is quite a common phenomenon in kids these days, which has to be curbed at the right age else it can take a devious form in future. Anger management classes will help students to recognize these negative emotions in themselves and also help them to channelize these negative emotions into positive directions.

Positive Thinking

In Self-grooming, kids are usually divided into groups and given topics to discuss on, which reveal their levels of creativity. It also shows how they accustom themselves to teamwork. The advantages of positive thinking, willingness to listen to new ideas, have a open minded attitude towards others views is very much an integral part of delivering soft skill lessons so kids to help them to be nurtured and grow up into beautiful young adults in future.

Anjan Dey is a teacher and has been teaching in school from the past eight years, he loves to counsel children who are in their fuzzy mind-sets and cannot figure out what is right or wrong for them.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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