Ever wondered how is it to live life out of comfort zone, in restricted conditions and supervisions, well not everyone has to undergo these experiences because we are always under the protective watch of our parents and siblings, etc. At very young age many children in India have to be sent to boarding schools elsewhere, because they do not have proper educational institutions available in their own cities.

What a painful thing for the parents and the children as well, isn’t it? How does one find solution to these problems that so many people living in the rural and semi-urban areas have to face? In India, we give so much emphasis on the right kind of education that should be imparted to every single child in this country, irrespective of their race, caste or creed. But what we usually forget in the hustle bustle of framing and implementing policies is that there is still a major section of our country that do not even have the bare minimum necessities that should be available to them, for such people education is still a luxury.

There are so many schools in India take up or adopt small villages or schools in nearby villages as part of their philanthropy work, which is a small yet a great beginning towards spreading education and knowledge to those who are in need of it. These schools make frequent visits to these adopted schools and villages and try to find out the bare minimum necessities that are required by them and then try to arrange for funds. School children also engage in some of the activities, like teaching the children in those schools, sharing food and other belongings which are not being used by them with these children and in several other ways.

This kind of interaction and social work is becoming the need of the hour, as more and more unprivileged children are growing up to be illiterate and taking up petty works of household cleaning, or other child labour jobs in order to support the financial expenditure of their family. Children, who study in schools, also get a good exposure to engage in community service, by giving back to the community in some way or the other and they learn good virtues, like do not waste, do not ask for more than what we have and do not disregard anyone. As human’s it is our responsibility to support other people always. Online School admissions in india


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