Information and Communication Technologies were developed so that they could promote easy communication and a technology oriented education system, this could help human beings to progress further in life. Educational institutions are switching over from the hardbound books, to text books, from text books to computers, from the age of computers to laptops and palmtops and now we are living in an age of smaller and easier to use technology friendly gadgets that not only allow us to communicate but also regurgitate the idea of moving along with time and technology.

Young children, who go to schools, are becoming way smarter and tech-savvy when it comes to handling a mobile phone and it’s applications of other hi-tech gadgets. It definitely helps in their learning process, because all these technologies help them to visualize whatever they study and helps them to retain it in their brains.

Learning can become a very redundant process if a teacher or an educator does not inculcate methods which could arouse sudden interest in the mind of a student. Technology is a medium through which, educators could make a child revive his or her interest when it comes to boring subjects like maths, history, English, geography, etc. There are so many subjects which are taught every single day to children, who find it difficult to relate and remember, eventually they begin to hate these subjects.

Technology could be a definitive answer to these problems of lack of attention, poor academic results, etc. History and geography lessons would sound and look more interesting if they are tagged along with a visual presentation of the chapters, with pictures of the those monuments and historical sites. The pictures in text books are not enough, one needs to move beyond the knowledge of books alone and that is possible only through multimedia presentations, which can open up a new world of experience for the students.

Visual images are known to create a greater impact on the mind that is the reason, most administration staffs of various schools, like ICSE, CBSE and International schools are looking forward to taking a bigger leap in their method of learning and teaching. The educators of various schools are given special courses in learning computers and other forms of interactive teaching methods in order to engage the children with the text. Even though Indian education system rests on the shelves of bookish knowledge, there are several ways to change the old practise and begin a new revolution of change.

The system of learning requires this change, parents of the children who send their little ones to school desire a child centric approach in learning, which will help their small ones to induce analytical reasoning and understanding the text and not to simply learn up the text and write it down during exams, after which the text is gone and forgotten forever. Knowledge is wealth and it is important to store this wealth for future use.


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