Changing Scenes of Education Scenario in India

We always try to blame the education system around us, holding it responsible for the many flaws in our children’s learning and grasping capabilities. What we often forget to address is our involvement in the child’s life, sending them to the top 10 schools or arranging for better or highly educated tuition teachers is not always the simplest response to the big mountain of problems. As parents we need to be involved in our child’s development procedure, right from the grassroots’ level.

The different way in which Parents can engage with Children:

  • Reading out Lessons with your Children – When you take time out of your busy schedule and invest that quality time with your child, I’m sure every parent can feel happy and they can experience it in their child’s behavior. Plus this will help in strengthening the parent-child bonding, allowing the child to reach out and confide in your more and more


  • Helping out with Home-work – I can bet even you wouldn’t have liked your time of sitting in the evening on your study table completing the home-work. No matter how futile and redundant an exercise it might have come across to you at that time. But considering the fact that your child has to do the same, even you should try to help them out with their homework, like your parents tried to help you with those twisted and difficult math problems, or science project, or a poem recitation exam that was to be conducted the very next day. It will help to boost the morale of your child and will help the child fall back emotionally on their parents during their difficult times for counselling.
  • Engaging in friendly discussions with kids on events that happened in school – We always try to be the best friends to our kids, not understanding that we as parents are not always approachable to them for various reasons, for example, we begin questioning their intellect in handling matters, which are of grave importance. One should be cautious in dealing with kids these days, strike out casual conversations with them and don’t make it sound like a routine interrogation. Try not to react to a situation, just narrated by your child, as it might lead to your child not sharing any news with you in future. There are many tactful ways of handling kids, but one must be patient at all times.
  • Attending school functions – Never miss any school function, even if it does not interest you, take time out for children and be there for their moral support and encouragement.

    Volunteering occasionally during class activities – IF ever, you get an opportunity of volunteering at the school for some event, do not hesitate, because your mere presence will bring a sense of pride and happiness in your kid.

Let us try and make the Education system in India work in favor of the growth and progress of our children, so that we can also stand at par with our other counterparts and claim to have the best system of education available worldwide.

Nandini Pattnaik is a freelance content writer for the last three years, she has been actively involved in writing about parent-children interaction in and outside school, educational scenarios and their impact on children’s performance for the past one year.


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