Technology was once a mighty term that people thought they wouldn’t get to use it or know more about it. Our perceptions were such that we thought technology is meant for people that work in the labs in white coats. Nevertheless the scene has changed drastically that we still can’t stop wondering about the scales we have reached in terms of technical revolution. Think about it.The things that were our fantasies have been brought to life today through the technology and the current generation is using them without any complications. We are able to witness the gradual yet extraordinary growth and innovation take their shape through the gadgets that we are holding now. From great mathematicians who cracked codes during war to the eminent scientists who are still trying to find the possibility of creating another universe, technology has diversified in its own accord.

The Digital Evolution in Education

Technology cannot replace teachers but teachers who use technology will probably replace the ones who do not”


As an IB ICT teacher, I have come across lot of parents who proudly tell me that their kids handle technology like a piece of cake. The core customization and techniques to control the working of the device are experimented and learnt by the young learners within no time. “My daughter was the one who taught me the way to set the ringtone of my choice”,said a proud father holding his brand new HTC. The curiosity of the learners doesn’t just come by holding technology in their hands but through the exposure they have to it and the learning environment that is situated around them. A simple concept is made clear when shown and done than when read. As the saying goes, a good teacher is the one who can show and do things practically to the learners

in order to bring them enduring understanding.

Beauty and Joy of computing

We have smart classrooms and STEM labs to enhance the accessibility rate of technology and engage learners in active inquiry-based learning and teaching. The varied simulation tools available online makes the learning more visualized and cater to the needs of students with different learning styles, feeding the young minds to think more and reflect more. Learning to code has also become an inevitable talent that anyone should possess. Ranging from people in rural areas to the creamy layer, showbiz community to the government officials, people have now started to initiate the necessity to learn coding by being self-reliant in developing a new technology than handling it.Education and technology are married to each other and effectiveness in teaching does not come in the absence of technology. Flipped classrooms are perfect examples for the aforementioned point.

Create and Collaborate


Cloud computing has created an pedagogic revolution in helping the teaching and learning communities share and exchange information in various formats and sizes through virtual drives and platforms. Examinations have taken a new form through online assessment modes thanks to the Web 2.0 tools. Professional development sessions and the modules viz a viz online courses, certified trainings and self-learning portals. Laptops took over the desktops and now iPads have taken over laptops thereby bringing portable technology to our hands. We can no more procrastinate knowing and learning things that kindled our curiosity. When you have the digital encyclopedia following you, why wait? Online collaboration has led to a constructive communication among various schools around the world resulting in fruitful results by connecting the learners and teachers from different schools. Technology has empowered education by establishing this global connect.


The Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate believes in treating technology as a tool to enhance the learning experience for the students. Technology can no more be treated as a stand-alone strand but as an operative tool to make the students life-long learners through experiential learning. This has changed our perceptions and has brought in a belief of teaching any subject effectually using the appropriate technology. Even though the introduction of new technologies or sudden shift in usage can project a steep learning curve among the learners, its end product is always rewarding. When we create learners who can handle any kind of technology, that’s where the real success lies. There are N number of ways invented and experimented to control technology by human intelligence. Integrating technology with education stands out as the best way possible to prepare the technocrats for the great revolution that the future will make them witness. Today we have reached a phase that cannot be oblivious to technology. Hence the governing bodies have taken lot of measures to spread technology all over the country.




The conclusion here is ironic because it doesn’t really deserve a conclusion. Learning is a never-ending process. Likewise the role of technology in education is vast and evolving. Learners are also becoming well-aware of the etiquettes to be remembered while engaging themselves with online activities. E-safety seminars and Webinars are actively conducted by the educational institutions to instill cybersafety.Thus the trends of technology may be dynamic but the technique to handle it in a productive way is taught and encouraged in educational institutions from a very early stage to gift talented and responsible cyber citizens to the digital society.


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