How International Schools Helped in Building Global Citizens?

There is so much happening around the world, and the only way to be well versed is to become a global citizen, travelling from one place to another’.

Most people wish to be a global citizen to experience the world in its true form. But quite often many of them do not get the opportunity or training to become one and they lose valuable opportunities due to this. As people say, the foundation has to be strong so that they could survive in diverse circumstances. The basic education a person receives from the very early ages of his/her life primarily molds them.

Since education plays the pivotal role here, the educational institution one prefers also matters. The older generation succeeded well in their life as they only had to face a certain crowd in a predefined area. The situation has changed a lot these days, where children are facing the world as their competition. So there has to be certain obvious changes in the system they study so that they could conquer the world with ease.

The emergence of international schools brought-in a lot of differences here as they came up with the perfect strategy to build a global citizen at the time of globalization. Their standard of education, holistic learning methods and world class facilities inspired students to learn and develop in the right manner.

Especially in the case of India, the international schools introduced a new ray of growth potential and contributed in creating global citizens who could lead the country’s journey towards progress. The last decade witnessed a mushrooming of international schools in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Channai and other major urban areas in the country. Globalization has been the major reason for this change because awareness about the rest of the world and its growth methods motivated people to opt for worldwide standardized education.

The internationally standardized curriculum and teaching methods followed in international schools help students to develop not only in their academics, but also in various stages of the growth process. Considering the positive progress of the IB schools in Bangalore and other metros, the government has taken initiatives to improve and enhance the CBSE schools in Bangalore and other urban & rural areas in the country.

Progress is one thing that automatically enhances every area it touches and leaves examples for the upcoming ones. Growth of international schools shall also be considered similarly as it produces the prolific future generation.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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