The Perks Being in a Boarding School

Strict rules, scary corridors and rude teachers are all general stereotypes that we may possibly relate with boarding schools, but thanks to the advancement of the contemporary day boarding school method, these are all things of the yester years. As per the current trend, most of the parents and children prefer to go to boarding schools these days considering the aspects which lead to the healthy development of a child. Some of them are:

  1. The feeling of being independent

Independence is what shapes a person to grow bolder and stronger. Parents often try to keep their kids away from everything and take decisions on their behalf. However, this will not help the child in the long run as they would turn incapable of taking decisions for themselves. The life and experiences of a boarding school would let them experience freedom and train them to use it appropriately. It is this level of freedom that will help your child to build up a mature approach in the direction of independence and self-reliance, instead of taking benefit of it the moment they leave home when they are 18.

  1. The ideal teaching and guidance

The main reason for parents to choose boarding school for their child is to endow them with the most advantageous education. The teachers at boarding schools are vigilantly selected from the cream of teaching faculty, guaranteeing that your child can gain from the consideration of some of the country’s supreme mentors. Some of the CBSE schools in Vizag, which are also boarding schools, are well known to provide such mentoring for their students. Also, classes in boarding schools are considerably lesser than those usually found in other schools. So, a smaller number of students in one class would help the teacher pay more attention and care to each child.

  1. Higher possibilities of extra-curricular activities

Boarding schools are the best place to develop the extracurricular activities of your child. Your child has the possibility to expand their hidden talents and skills, as they will have access to wholehearted staff, inspiring amenities and devoted time for practising their interests. There are a few boarding schools and best schools in Vizag , which present world-class facilities for students to enhance their inner talents.

  1. Improved social skills

When a child is challenged to introduce themselves and cooperate with others, he/she will move out of their comfort zone and construct the confidence required to extend balanced social skills, which will significantly profit them in later life.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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