Why Do We Need Quality Education?

As Ron Lewis once said “ensuring quality education is one of the most important this we can do for future generation”.

We are part of a world where the requirement to accomplish educational and career achievements have become the only goal of a person’s life. How did this change occur? Or is this what we really desire to attain as a society and as individuals?

Studies proved that children with quality education in the growing years would get a an enhanced beginning in their life. Considering this vital fact, further investment has to be made in early childhood learning and for teachers who have the potential to nurture our children. Not only that, teachers shall have a combined and compassionate system which would assist them grow as professionals and would compel them to encourage the passion for learning in children.

It is crucial to put emphasis on the “quality” of human capital. As the number of years of schooling is essential, so is the cognitive aptitude gained from those years. Even though students spend more than 12 years in a school structure, they possibly will not put on any remarkable enhancements in efficiency if at all the quality of their schooling was poor.

Most of the state governments blindly dispense money into the public schooling structure, fallaciously expecting to witness positive results. Despite the extreme rise in spending per child, school performance never gets improved under any circumstance. A great deal of this inconsistency between expenditure and performance is attributable to the overstuffed organizational costs. Some politicians have projected free community education centers, but none of which came into existence. However, such a program will only amplify the quantity of schooling, not the quality of education.

Many of the international schools in India became exemplary during this time with their quality education methods. Or example, there are a number top schools in Bangalore, which focuses on improving their quality of teaching over various other factors. These schools understand the fact that an educated population leads to innovation, superior levels of efficiency, and augmented economic development. Considering this fact, parents are opting such best schools in Bangalore, which emphasize on quality of education.

We shall build a generation who can think critically so as to decipher intricate problems, communicate efficiently, work collaboratively, and learn how to learn. Having these assets will facilitate our children to turn out to be happy individuals in the 21st century.


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Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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