Why We Require a Value Based Education System in Our Schools

Educational institutions shall give equal importance academic and personal growth of the students. We need more value based education to achieve this goal on a larger scale. Value based education pass on social, ethical, and spiritual values which are necessary for any person in the long run. It constructs the qualities like humbleness, potency and integrity in a person. They turn out to be better citizens rather than a self-centered individual. People with elevated moral principles will never think of cheating anyone in their life. They make their life more contented and works hard to make others blissful.

In a values-based learning environment, children tend to grow a protected sense of self. They develop into a stronger person and learn to take accountability for their own wisdom. Studies show that children build up academic meticulousness when they are occupied with a value based learning atmosphere. The children who study in such an educational institution will expand their relational confidence. They grow to be more articulate and become capable of conversing liberally and well.

From the social point of view, value based education encourages efficient learning and focuses on the never-ending improvement of individual, social, ethical and financial wellbeing. It is an investment in individual competence and self-dependability and its result, hence, assures considerable worth to the society. Many of the top schools in Hyderabad are trying to incorporate value based education as part of their curriculum.

There are many reasons for which we need a value based education system. A few of them are:

  • Ethical consciousness should be allowed to orient the development in science & technology in the direction of the wellbeing of mankind.
  • Teachers convey values to the children, both intentionally and unintentionally through their behaviour in and outside of classrooms. Hence, the call for a willfully planned value education program is necessary to launch a recognized learning.
  • The students may come across more complex decision-making circumstances about problems involving values. They should be assisted in developing the capability to make appropriate options in such circumstances through value education.
  • Raise in juvenile criminal behaviour is a catastrophe to the youth who undergoes the procedure of individual growth. In such condition value education assumes a particular importance.
  • Value education stimulates inquisitiveness, expansion of right interests, outlook, values and ability to think and judge about oneself.
  • Value education assists in encouraging social and natural amalgamation.

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