Looking to Enroll Your Child in The Best CBSE School in Mohali? Here’s How You Can.

CBSE curriculum is the most renowned curriculum followed in most of the schools. In India, most of the parents prefer CBSE for their children because there are plenty of CBSE schools and in case of transfers, shifting to another city is easier. The syllabus is also easy for the children to study. Not only in metros or Tier 1 cities, but also in suburban and small towns, CBSE curriculum is followed.

However, with many options available, it becomes difficult to search for the best school. And it becomes difficult to enroll your child in the best CBSE schools in Mohali. Here we have categorized a few important facts to add in your checklist during your search:

  • Distance: The most important factor when you are looking for any school is to see how far it is from your home. Sending your children far away is very taxing for the child, due to so much travel and also affects the health of your child. By the time, the child energy levels are low. So you need to check the distance of the school from your home and also if it provides transportation facility to your area for easy conveyance.
  • Ambience: You need to check the ambience of the school to see if your child feels positive every day. The vibe given by the school also matters here.

Surroundings should be beautiful and full of greenery, to bring a positive vibe.

  • Teaching Methodology: Generally, NCERT books and Theoretical Teaching Methodology is used in CBSE curriculum. Its syllabus is easier when compared to ICSE, IB or IGCSE curriculum. The best schools in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mohali, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and other urban cities following CBSE pattern encourage building intelligence in children intelligent and also in making them top scorers.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Extra-curricular activities are very important for your child as they help in the mental and physical development of children. Activities like dance, music, art, sports and more also help children understand their interests.
  • Past Results: A Schools’ Academic Result speaks about its performance. If you want the best for your child, then you need to check the track record of the school with respect to results and how well the alumni are placed.
  • Parents Feedback: Feedback from other parents also plays a vital role in your decision making. A positive feedback will lead you to enroll your child while a negative comment will guide you to search more. After all, choosing the best school is very important for the better future of your child.

You can definitely have the above mentioned features in your checklist to enroll your child in any of the best schools of your city.


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