How Does Guest Lecture Help Boost Student’s Learning at School?

A child learns from his mentor about various topics in school through books, presentations and real life examples. However, sometimes professional guidance on a particular topic is also required for the students. Hence, Guest Lecture is introduced in various schools these days. A professional of a particular field, for example, a doctor, a farmer or an archeologist visits the school campus and interacts live or online to explain the children about certain topics.

A Guest Lecture not only helps children learn about a subject but also boosts their learning capacity. Oakridge International School has been of organizing Guest Lectures for its students. It invites or organizes live Skype sessions for its students as well.

To name a few, recently the students had an interaction with a Guest Lecturer from Denmark and France wherein, they discussed about the tradition, culture and various facts about these countries. It helped students to know about the countries from the residents rather than just bookish researches.

Here’s a list of few pros of organizing Guest Lecture in Schools for children:

  1. Fosters Learning in Students: Guest Lectures helps children to learn more about the subject with real life examples from the professionals. It helps them grab more about any topic.
  2. Helps in Better Understanding of the Subject: Instead of being narrowed down just to books, they can now understand things more clearly. They become proactive to learn about the topic and get a clear picture on the same from the experts.
  3. Boosts Communication Skills of the Children: Interaction with the Lecturer or online helps develop confidence in the children and boost their communication skills as well.
  4. Makes Classrooms Fun and Active: The Lecturers not only explain about the subject but also interact and ask the children to actively participate, making the classroom more lively and active for the students.

About oakridgeint

Oakridge International Schools offers an international educational opportunity that prepares students for life, work and civic roles in a globally interconnected world.
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