How Reading Out Stories to Your Toddlers Help ?

Kids love stories. Since ages as children we go up to our grandparents and demand them to tell a story. As kids, we used to love listening to stories and reading story books during our holidays. The tradition of listening to stories is fading as most of us are now in a nuclear family or have a lack of time. Thus, our kids do not get a chance to listen stories from their grand parents, however, they do read books sometimes. Most of the children however, don’t prefer reading when compared to playing games and hence the importance of reading is diminishing with time.

We as parents and teachers should enlighten children on the importance of reading story books and show them how to read. Some schools like Oakridge International School in Bangalore, organizes regular reading sessions such as a Guest Lecture where a parent comes and reads out stories to the children, or a One Nation Reading for All where everyone gathers in school campus to read together. Such fun filled activities help children grow interest towards reading which will further help them improvise in their studies as well.

Reading improvises a child’s communication skills, vocabulary and even concentration on studies. A child should consider reading as fun and a great pass time.

You should take time out every night to read a book to your toddler and also ask them to read with your guidance. You can enact the stories to them to make the bedtime more fun filled and exciting. You can even plan a schedule, where story-time is a token of appreciation for your child when he/ she does a good deed, scores well in exams, obeys your words and other good habits. You can also ask our child to imagine and tell a different story or decide a better ending of the story to make it more fun learning and creative for them. Animate the story with action to make it a more lively experience.

Reading out with your children every day will bring you close to them and you can spend some quality time together. Spending time with your kids will further help you in knowing them better and in their better upbringing. Being a parent in modern day with a busy schedule, reading will come handy to you.

So start reading stories to your little angels and bond with them over a great story.


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