Why Should We Encourage Swimming Coaching?

Swimming has always been considered as one of the ideal form of physical and mental exercise. Swimming helps you focus and free yourself from all kind of stress. The only requirement for this sports activity is that you should be well-trained in it. Until and unless you learn and practice swimming as a form of art, you will not be able to enjoy it fullest. So, the one and only possible way to do that is by practicing it from a very young age. Since children most of their young age at schools, it is the responsibility of every school to train their students the basic lessons of swimming for the future. And we strongly recommend each school to have a well maintained and safe swimming pool for fulfilling this requirement. There are a lot of positive factors associated with swimming, which is listed below.

  • Why should we encourage swimming practice?

When compared to all other sports activity, swimming comes under the low impact category yet offers a great form of exercise to everyone irrespective of their age. It is known as a vital form of cardiovascular and whole body exercise. In fact, you could avoid going to a gym for your arms, back and shoulder workout if you are a regular swimmer.

  • What would be the right age to begin swimming training?

We could see that there are various guidelines and opinions regarding the right age to begin swimming practices. However, a few of them are of the opinion that, an infant of 4 months could also swim as children have natural instincts to swim. If you are willing to train your child from an infant stage under expert supervision, nothing like it. It would strengthen their body, immune system and mental resistance power. This would also help the child to not develop a fear towards water bodies and in fact gets them familiar with water. Apart from all these, it will ensure their safety against drowning, which is a crucial thing.

Even children with special needs can also benefit swimming practices provided if it is happening in a non-competitive manner. It would help them learn the basic water survival expertise along with some socialising skills. It is absolutely commendable that many of the schools in India these days offer such opportunities to their students to learn swimming as a part of their curriculum, especially some of the top international schools in Hyderabad.


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