Can we Teach Language and Grammar in a Fun way to Students?

Grammar studies appear as monsters to students, especially during the primary classes because of various reasons. Sometimes it could be the difficulty in the subject, sometimes it could be the teacher and sometimes it could be the lack of interest in the subject. No matter what, most of the students are usually scared of their language, especially grammar classes.

There are many ways which teachers can adapt to make their grammar classes entertaining and informative. A few of the possible ways are given below.

Make use of songs

Music is always an excellent form to teach children anything. If the teacher could sing phrases, it easily gets rooted into the mind of a child much faster than the conventional way. To make this point work, pick a song which has more tenses or diverse grammar parts. If the teacher could make the children sing along, then nothing like it as when you learn things on your own, the impact would be more. Conduct some singing quiz competitions in which there are hidden grammar lessons.

Try using the game way

Games are so far the best method to attract the attention of any child. Without a doubt, game sessions are intriguing and entertaining which can convey messages better than any other way. Competitive game sessions have to be planned by the teacher in which there should be hidden grammar lessons. This way the learning would be quick and the results would be long lasting.

Make use of the storytelling methods

Storytelling has proven to be one of the most effective methods to teach or convey anything and everything. Children easily get connected to the storytelling methods as they are used to this from the early years. In the classroom, if the teacher could become a story-teller, the children would bond more with them. So, in between the stories, smartly insert as many grammar lessons as you want. Make sure to ask questions in between to check if they are getting the message or not.

Schools shall encourage such teaching methods so that learning becomes trouble-free and fun for their students. Luckily, some of the international schools started experimenting such methods in their teaching process these days. A few of the top schools in Bangalore successfully attempted such experiential learning methods and witnessed improved results in terms of the student learning.


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