Why Should we Encourage Children to Actively Participate in Chess Games?

A hale and hearty mind and a healthy body contribute to a great extent while shaping the potential future of a child. If we are not encouraging our children to get trained in any mental exercises alongside the physical activities, then he/she might eventually end up facing issues related to intellectual numbness, poor memory, loss of attentiveness, or a number of serious mental problems such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, or dementia as they grow. Most of the times, board games like Chess significantly support in developing the vital muscles of the brain as it engages diverse parts of the brain. Though much of physical exercise is not involved in this game, but the amount of mental exercise that takes part in it is beyond belief.

For a long period of time, chess has been considered as a game made for people with high intellectual levels and critical thinking skills. But the fact is that anyone can play and enjoy a chess game irrespective of their age mental capacities. On the other hand, chess is tremendously useful in brain growth, mainly when it is played frequently from a very young age.

If a child shows interest towards playing chess from a very young age, parents must encourage this interest and provide the opportunity to play, learn and pursue it further as your child will develop thinking power, decision-making skills, and problem-solving mentality and so on.  Fortunately, many of the well-developed schools are promoting children to participate in games like chess to boost up the mental growth of the child. Some of the well known CBSE schools in Bangalore invite even players to conduct workshops to popularise the game in a big scale.

Let’s check out some other benefits of playing chess from a young age:

  • Chess helps kids find out how to organise phases of the game and life. Besides, children also understand the significance of forethought and planning.
  • When a child is engaged in the game of chess, he/she learns the magnitude of discipline in their life.
  • While playing chess kids develop skills to carry out a systematic study, research, and judgment of the circumstances before constructing a conclusion.
  • Studies show that a child who actively participate in games like chess display surprising memory skills.
  • Games like chess also facilitate in improving attentiveness and scholastic performance of the children

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