Should we Introduce Folklore in the Elementary Education?

Elementary education in schools is playing an essential role in forming the character of a person. Learning and memories of this phase of life are a delicate opening to the character of a person. It is during this phase an individual discovers the principles of life, the civilization and his/her environment. The involvement of folklore in the elementary education period can be of great benefit.

The amount of importance given to our traditions and age-old folktales is decreasing year by year due to various reasons. Grandparents used to be the main source of such folktales where children get the opportunity to understand the essential lessons in life in the form of stories, songs and games. Though our current education system is globally standardized and result oriented, incorporation of our traditional folklore into the curriculum would be an added advantage.

Some of the significant benefits of introducing folklore also in the learning process are cited here.

  • Folklore is a demonstration of civilization and customs. It replicates the ethical principle of a particular ethnicity and culture. Folklore as a topic in elementary education could be a valuable moral learning that is not connected to any sacred or religious emotion. Folktales carry strong messages of principles and ideals as they are with silver-tongued and effortless clarification.
  • Folklore usually conveys stories of human beings and their struggle with nature for co-existence. It sidelines the feelings of religions and preaches the positivity of the common good, patriotism and moral values. It narrates the stories through nature, animals and our surrounds as that people can easily connect with it. This method would be more beneficial for children as they get attracted to it like anything.
  • Folklore enables people to enhance their logical and analytical thinking. It enables them to open their mind and soul in a positive direction.
  • Young children may find it difficult to understand the concepts and theories in the conventional method of learning. If the schools incorporate folklore into their teaching method, they get the opportunity to learn these other subjects through this making it more comfortable.

Folklore enhances the creativity in children with a broad mind and a compassionate approach to the world. Fortunately, many of the Indian schools these days are taking an effort to introduce the folklore method also into their educational system. The IB schools in Hyderabad took initiatives to conduct workshops to test the possibility of such methods as well, which completely sounds like a very positive sign towards development.


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