How to Prepare Toddlers for Learning to Write?

Kids are always extremely thrilled to try out different things every day. It is during this age that they develop various abilities like speaking, writing, reading, drawing, and so on. So, as adults, we must encourage and show the easy yet best way to learn things. To teach toddlers to write needs a lot of effort as we shouldn’t see them through our eyes. We have to understand their age and experience and develop ideas to teach them interestingly because they are getting introduced to this area for the first time in their life. Teachers shall play a major role here as they interact with the kids more. There are numerous techniques and patterns to make use of while teaching the young ones to write. However, before even starting to teach them, we have to ensure certain prerequisites so that their journey through writing becomes easy.

First things first…

Training the toddlers to write is surely not a cake walk. It involves more than merely making them hold a pencil in their hand and showing them pictures. Here are some of the key factors which need to be taken care of before the actual writing process.

  • Make their hands strong enough

The most important task of teaching to write is to make their hand muscles strong enough. The best way to make it happen is through drawing and painting exercises on a regular basis. Since kids are more attracted to colors and pictures, they would find drawing and coloring interesting. The more they hold the crayons or the color pencils or the paintbrushes, the stronger their hand muscles will be. Also, allowing them to cut paper with plastic scissors would help in strengthening their muscles.

  • Help them to get a good grip

Instead of bigger and fancy pencils or crayons, encourage them to use smaller objects so that they develop a good grip. Teach them the proper style of holding the pencil as their fingers may hurt otherwise after long use.

  • Show them the apt posture

The posture in which the kid sits while writing will also affect the effectiveness. Kids tend to sit is whichever posture they feel comfortable, but the teacher should make them sit correctly as they can focus more time in the process. Most of the schools in India these days are providing training to their teachers in these fields to ensure the right growth of children. The International schools in Hyderabad successfully managed to train their teachers the prerequisites of dealing with such nurturing of toddlers.


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