How to Retain the Interest of Kids in the Classroom?

Managing pre-primary class children while keeping them engaged in the class activities always sound like a Herculean task. To an extent, it is true as well because the education provided during this age plays a major part in the growth and development of the child. Utmost care, attention and guidance are required during this age to up-bring a mentally healthy and strong generation. Maintaining the interest of these young children requires a number of tricks and tips. Here are some which you could make use of.

  1. Plan well-balanced and suitable activities

Kids get easily distracted if the activity they are indulged in doesn’t have the potential to retain their interest. The duration of any activity should not be long enough to bore them even if it is an attractive activity. To keep them focused, you have to plan live activities, and sometimes individual tasks as each child have different interests and attention levels. Plan your activities in advance and incorporate a lot of interactions so as to retain their interest.

  1. Provide multiple options for learning

As mentioned earlier, every child is different from each other. Some kids would understand the language of visuals more, some would prefer more of listening, some may find reading more effective and for some practical learning while playing would be the best choice. Whatever it may be, you have to provide multiple learning opportunities to young ones in a classroom so that they can pick up what they understand the best. Isn’t that the best idea to teach the young ones?

  1. Introduce more practical activities

The end result of any physical activity stays with a person lifelong. It could be simple classroom activities or outdoor sports activities. Practical learning is one of the best ideas to keep the young ones glued to their tasks. Try to introduce more activities like story enacting, gardening activities, interaction with peer groups, etc.

  1. Rewards always work the magic

Encouragements are necessary to keep them motivated to try more and learn more. Even if the task is easy to accomplish, congratulate them in front of the class. Each child should be rewarded for some or the other task they complete so that no one gets disappointed. The reward need not be something great, but it certainly can create a great impact. IB schools are following these methods to enhance the learning experience of their students. Especially the IB schools in Bangalore score more among others in this regard.


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