Is Geography an Integral Part of School Curriculum?

Geography has always been a curious subject which neither completely falls under the science category nor under the arts category. At the same time, it is definitely a mix of both. Geography is an integral part of the school curriculum which is also connected with various other subject areas. The importance of this subject is that it makes us realise the natural and cultural features of the world that we are part of. Precisely, it connects the dots between our quest to understand ourselves, our correlation to the earth, and our reliance with other human beings.

The core theme of geography that is taught in school includes the study of the natural surroundings as well as the communal and cultural atmosphere. As a consequence geography has a very broad extent incomparable by any other topic.

Let’s have a look at some of the imperative aspects of studying geography in schools:

  1. The political significance

If a student needs to acquire knowledge in the political matters happening around the world, understanding the geography of their own land and the related countries are very essential. Until and unless they know the back story of any country or region, they can never extend compassion for any. The geographical conditions play a vital role in forming the political ideology and national policies of any state. Hence it is difficult to study politics without paying attention to geographical factors of that country.

  1. Practical learning for life

Learning geography would enable a child to closely understand the natural conditions of the country he/she is living. This learning would help them to set up a future goal which has the potential to co-exist with the nature, type of weather, flora, natural resources, and most importantly other people. Many of the students aspire to become industrialists or entrepreneurs. Such learning is really important for them to plan their future well in advance.

  1. The economic significance

Geography has its economical magnitude also when it comes to learning about the resources and natural wealth of any country. Economic growth of any country is directly related to the geographical conditions of that particular place. Knowledge of this subject will help children explore the possibility of utilising such wealth when they grow up for the common good.

  1. The social significance

The awareness of geography facilitates a student in growing an appropriate social point of view. Only the unbiased social point of view can build up the sentiment of brotherhood for the citizens of other states. It teaches them to be broad-minded when it comes to accepting others and turn into a global citizen.

  1. It creates curiosity towards nature

Children are usually curious about anything in their surroundings. Geography offers them a scientific explanation to their questions while making them understand the natural phenomenon since nature always remains as a hidden wonder.

To obtain a methodical and appropriate understanding of political science, the awareness of geography is fundamental. Considering this point, Indian schools are paying ample attention in teaching this subject in schools. Most of the International schools in Hyderabad are conducting practical workshops for children to understand the subject in depth.


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