The Changing Trends in Teaching Strategies

The strategies of teaching differ from states to states and countries to countries. So far, there has been no certain formula that can be termed as the perfect strategy of teaching as many things go into consideration while forming it. The social, economic, political and statistical factors play an important role while forming a particular teaching strategy that can develop the young minds to be the bright future of tomorrow.

However, there are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled while preparing any teaching strategy. We may also call it the foundation on which the teaching system exists. Here are some of the important factors that should be considered while preparing it.

How to retain the interest of the students?

A successful teaching strategy is that which can constantly engage the children and retain their interest in the learning process. The strategic planners will have to keep in mind that the content has to be understandable, up-to-date and educating. Usually, children in the growing stage face a lot of attention problems which should be addressed in the teaching strategy planning.

Consider the understanding capacity of the learner

While planning the teaching methodology, the most important point to keep into consideration is the learning ability of the learner. The methodology shall enhance the learning skills of the students using various techniques depending upon the social, economic and political conditions that the student lives in.

Importance of suitable evaluation

Most of the teaching strategies face problems when it comes to the assessment part. The circle of teaching can be completed only if the evaluation process is done based on the teachings. Various research organizations have proposed that the age-old exam method is not sufficient to complete the learning process. Instead, this only tests the remembering capacity of the student. There should more qualitative and experiential methods to evaluate the learning capacity of the students. Fortunately, many of the Indian schools, especially some of the top Bangalore CBSE schools have adopted such progressive methods of evaluation to complete the learning circle.

Well set objectives and challenges

Every teaching method should have a well-defined objective to achieve at the end of the academic year. Those goals should be the mental and physical growth of the children to be the responsible citizen of the state who has the potential to drive the country forward. Unfortunately, in many of the cases, the objective remains self-centered as it focuses more on educational achievements and professional growth. A successful teaching strategy shall focus on the greater benefits and overall growth of the individual along with their society.


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