How can we help Children Enhance Their Memory Skills?

Brain enhancement and the surroundings of a child are directly connected. Many of the children during the school going age face a lot of trouble related to their memory power. There could be many reasons behind it such as attention disorders, lack of interest, physical problems, and mental troubles and so on. In usual scenarios, parents rely on the school and teachers to help their children in those conditions.

The remembering capacity of the brain differs from person to person. Kids tend to associate memories with various things such as visuals, letters, audio, personalities and so on. Human mind accumulates data for the long term and for short term. However, it is our long term memory that needs to be taken care for long lasting results. So, let’s find out some useful tips for teachers to help their students remember things.

The power of meditation and yoga

The first and foremost thing to be taken care is the mental and physical well-being of the child. There is no such powerful treatment than Yoga and Meditation which could promise this. A child’s mind can be kept at peace if we make them meditate on a daily basis. As soon as they are relieved of their stress and worries related to academics, their brain would function more effectively and creatively. Regular practice of Yoga and Meditation shall be made compulsory in schools for the long term benefit of the students. Fortunately, Indian schools have made it as a part of their daily activities. Schools in south India, especially Vizag CBSE Schools have also made arrangements to practice yoga and meditation for this student recently.

Make children concentrate during sessions

The classroom sessions shall be designed in such a way to attract the attention of the children. If a child is able to focus on what they learn from classroom sessions, then he/she could remember it all through their life. So, it is up to the teacher and the school that the curriculum and teaching strategy should be designed based on this.

Use pictorial depiction to teach

People say a picture saves 1000 words. Visually appealing content remain in a child’s mind forever as they get easily connected with it. Make use of various pictures and diagrams to explain difficult subjects and theories. As long as the kid can remember the image, they would remember the subject matter as well.


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