How to Instil Healthy Eating Habits in Children?

Mental and physical health is directly connected to the food we eat. Be it a child or an adult, diet plans and healthy eating habits are necessary to lead a fruitful life. Especially in the in the case of school going children, most of them lack a balanced food system due to various factors. In those cases, it is the responsibility of the parents and the school to ensure that our children are having a well-balanced food habit for the appropriate development of their mind and body.  Here are a few suggestions for the family and the school to instil good eating habits in a child.

  1. Provide healthy alternatives to select

If children get healthy and tasty food choices at home, the possibility of them longing for unhealthy food would be drastically lower. Parents will have to make sure that their children are not deprived of vital minerals and nutrients. So help them get habituated to more of fresh fruits and vegetables along with protein rich food items to develop a strong body and soul.

  1. Take them out for shopping to understand their preferences

While being with friends at school or seeing it somewhere else, children develop various tastes and interests towards food. To understand these preferences and consider their requirements with healthy alternatives, parents shall take the children out for shopping. Not only that, you could educate them about various food products that should be consumed and avoided for long term benefits.

  1. Change the snacking habits

The enormous amount of junk food became a part of every child’s routine which can cause far reaching health issues. The snacking habit while watching TV, reading or even relaxing, will gradually lead to this situation. Parents and teachers shall make efforts to change this harmful habit and encourage them to consume food items that can contribute to the betterment of their health. Don’t just stop them from doing it, instead educate them about the consequences.

  1. Make them drink more water

An appropriate amount of water is highly necessary for anyone to lead an energetic and prolific life. Children shall be made to drink a good amount of water as they indulge in more physical exertions than the adults. However, apart from water and fresh fruit juices, the artificially sweetened drinks shall be strictly avoided for the obvious reasons.

Schools will also have to play a major role in developing healthy food habits in children by educating them about it and encouraging them to eat healthy food products. They could also ensure this by providing natural and hygiene food items inside the school premises. Many Indian international schools especially, Bangalore international schools are making great efforts to fulfill this.


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